The Hipshakes 'Snake' premiere on Noisey

[30th April, 2016] Aussie good guy Tim Scott did a brief Q&A with The Hipshakes this week and is hosting a special bank holiday premiere of their new album Snake. Head over to the link below for a sneak peak before we release the record.... [continue reading]

Announcing The Hipshakes Snake LP - Vinyl Pre-order

[12th April, 2016] We are pleased to announce that our next release is ‘Snake’ by The Hipshakes and available to pre-order today. The fourth full-length by the band from Bakewell, Snake is their first outing on Art for Blind. The LP contains.... [continue reading]

The Altered Hours - In Heat Not Sorry - Debut LP - Vinyl and CD Pre-order

[25th January, 2016] We are pleased to announce that you can pre-order the debut album IN HEAT NOT SORRY by The Altered Hours now on LP / CD / Digital. IN HEAT NOT SORRY is their first full length album, recorded at the Funkhaus studio in Berlin.... [continue reading]

The Altered Hours Debut LP

[21st September, 2015] We are excited to announce that Cork’s The Altered Hours who released their excellent 7” single Dig Early through Art For Blind in Spring 2014 will be returning to the label for their long awaited debut album. The album titled... [continue reading]

No Ditching - 'Inseparable' 7" EP Pre-order & watch video to "Dickhead"

[13th May, 2015] No Ditching are the latest offering from the hot bed of DIY pop that is Pity Me, Durham. Featuring members of Martha, the all female line-up of No Ditching deliver sardonic and infectious pop punk... [continue reading]

Featured Track

The first vinyl outing by Durham's No Ditching was a smash and sold out earlier this year but you can still stream or download the three track EP from our bandcamp. If we were pushed to pick a favourite track then this might be it!

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