Bird Calls

Self Titled

Catalogue number: AFB#21
Formats: Tape / Download
Released: 27th October 2011
Pressing info: 100 white cassettes
  • 1. Life Is Real Disconnection
  • 2. Cynics Have More Fun
  • 3. Learner
  • 4. Lifetime
  • 5. Short Term
  • 6. Hard To Think Of
  • 7. Fake Misanthrope
  • 8. Fields Turned Brown

Bird Calls started shortly after one of our friends and former housemate, Max Hymans left Leeds for the bright lights of London. On arrival he immediately hooked up with drummer James Wright (What Price Wonderland?) and Sam Knight (Abolition) and began working on an emo/indie band.

A few months later the three members returned to Leeds to record a demo (and play a bit of 5 a side by the canal) with Matt J at Suburban Home recording studio. The demo ended up being 9 tracks and sounded so great that we agreed with the band that we would release it as a cassette.

At the same time as organising the cassette, I was shown a creepy little lino cut of “The man from another place” from Twin Peaks which had been made by our friend Jon Mohajer (Twisted, Facel Vega) and thought it would be a good fit to print a cover for the tape, which ended up being a lot easier said than done.

cover art Bird Calls tape