Saturday's Kids

self titled 10"

Catalogue number: AFB#24
Formats: 10" / Download
Released: 13th April 2011
Pressing info: 300 black vinyl
  • 1. I Am A Runner
  • 2. Neurological Design
  • 3. Empty Space
  • 4. Pillow
  • 5. The Old Comedians

Saturday’s Kids quickly churned out another 10” record, this time going it alone. This record sees the band experiment slightly with their sound adding some more reflective shoegaze elements to the mix whilst on other tracks retaining that raw, exuberant and energetic noise rock that we fell in love on their original single on the label.

The 10" contains five tracks, with side a offering up the more punchy numbers and side b taking a slightly more laid back approach. On this occasion we teamed up with Bombed Out Records for the first time since The Take - Dolomite way back in 2008 and Time as a Color to release the record and with Christopher Guest for the artwork (Citizens & Ox Scapula), which was printed on recycled card at local (Leeds) based workers co-op printer Footprint Printers and was pressed in London at Curved Pressings.

cover art Saturday's Kids self-titled 10"