Your Neighbour the Liar

self titled 7"

Catalogue number: AFB#25
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 6th July 2011
Pressing info: 350 black vinyl
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Your Neighbour the Liar were a band in the vein of Mineral, Sunny Day Real Estate hailing from Edinburgh. They played delicate, emotive indie rock. In true emo style, YNTL were very short lived, releasing only 2 demos and 3 7" records before retiring and moving on to different projects (War Change, Julliard). Their 7" on Art For Blind was their first release and was another co-op effort between ourselves, SNCL and Time as a Color.

The covers for the record were designed and hand screen printed by the bands' guitarist Kyle McPartlin on lush brown kraft card. The record itself was Recorded and mixed by Andy Miller and Martin John Henry at Gargleblast Studios, Hamilton. Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering, Nottingham.

cover art Your Neighbour the Liar