Little Ease

self titled tape

Catalogue number: AFB#26
Formats: Tape / Download
Released: 20th December 2011
Pressing info: 50 red cassettes
  • 1. Awkward Family Encounters
  • 2. Self Justification
  • 3. The Greatest Song Ever Written
    (by Luke Digweed)
  • 4. Punk Rock Empathy
  • 5. What's the Point

We heard the Little Ease demo on a cdr through friends of ours in the band Twisted and shortly after caught the bands' live show in Leeds finest Mexican theme bar come hardcore venue “Santiagos” in what actually turned out to be quite an eventful night.

A few weeks later we decided that we needed to try and get the band to release the demo as a cassette and proceeded to pester them until they finally crumbled and allowed us to do so. What resulted from that in our opinion is a record that managed to be fun, energetic and angry all over the course of little under 6 minutes.

When we sent the cassette off to be manufactured, the company actually called me at my day job to ask if I was sure I had sent the correct CD as there was only 6 minutes of music on it. I had.

cover art Little Ease tape