Bird Calls / Human Hands

split 7"

Catalogue number: AFB#27
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 20th December 2011
Pressing info: 350 black vinyl
  • 1. Bird Calls - 13
  • 2. Bird Calls - 15
  • 3. Human Hands - Knot

Bird Calls return to the label for a second release after their earlier cassette and we get to work with prolific Birmingham emo/hardcore group Human Hands also. Bird Calls with two tracks, the imaginatively titled “13” and “15” and Human Hands with single, longer piece “Knot”.

Both bands bring to the table interpretations of modern emo/hardcore but with distinctly different styles. Bird Calls follow in the footsteps of bands such as Tubers and Brainworms whereas Human Hands adopt the more epic and at times truly miserable aesthetic of Mohinder, the Hated etc.

Released in late 2011 and another split venture with Eat a Book, SNCL and Time as a Color.

cover art Bird Calls / Human Hands split