Facel Vega

The Body

Catalogue number: AFB#28
Formats: LP / Download
Released: 20th December 2011
Pressing info: 500 black vinyl
  • 1. Living Dead
  • 2. Sky Under Night
  • 3. A Palimpsest
  • 4. Inertia
  • 5. The Body
  • 6. Car Crash
  • 7. Gertrude
  • 8. Instrumental
  • 9. I Built Myself
  • 10. Lament
  • 11. Labyrinth
  • 12. Cassava Poisening
  • 13. Copycat
  • 14. Worms
  • 15. Beyond Laws

Debut LP from the Welsh three-piece. Facel Vega are ferocious, brooding and relentless in delivery, whilst retaining a sense of melody amongst the noise and feedback. Their first album is a brilliant mix of weird post-punk, hardcore and DC revolution summer emo.

We first met the members of Facel Vega at a very ill fated gig we put on in the tiny cramped basement of a friends of ours in Leeds. At that time the members were playing in a band called State Run, three of whom went onto form Facel Vega. Later Jon Mohajer, bassist moved to Leeds to study, became a good friend of the label (and also went on to form Twisted). Just before we planned to up and leave for Ireland we arranged to release the Facel Vega album, which had been written for some time. The record was recorded by the band themselves in their hometown of Porthcawl and finally saw a release in late 2011.

cover art Facel Vega The Body LP