Let the Man Speak

Catalogue number: AFB#31
Formats: LP / Download
Released: 20th June 2012
Pressing info: 100 green vinyl, 200 black vinyl
  • 1. Deluxe
  • 2. Janet Bruce
  • 3. Too Many Questions
  • 4. Cardinal
  • 5. Sleepwalking
  • 6. Mint Condition
  • 7. Buffalo Jump
  • 8. Sparrow

Wooderson of Sheffield (via Grimsby) were a band that Art For Blind worked with often long before the opportunity arose to help release the first and to date only full length album. The band were a mainstay a many AFB organised DIY shows in Leeds and we knew most members well from frequenting gigs organised by members of the band in Sheffield.

After a series of demo cd’s and a split 7" with Ox Scapula which trickled out over the course of about 5 years, Wooderson finally got round to recording a full length album. Over the course of the album Wooderson tip their cap to clear influences such as Fugazi, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Mission to Burma whilst putting their own clear stamp on the post hardcore genre.

The album was recorded at The Audacious Space, Sheffield by Karl Sveinsson, mixed by Ed Waring and mastered by Tom Woodhead in Leeds and co-released with our long time Harrogate based pals Bombed Out Records in the latest of our various collaborations over the years.

cover art Wooderson Let the Man Speak LP