Carson Wells


Catalogue number: AFB#32
Formats: LP / Download
Released: 30th September 2012
Pressing info: 350 black vinyl
  • 1. Soul and Sword
  • 2. Slim Charles
  • 3. A Great Weight
  • 4. Ten
  • 5. Killing Me Won't Bring Back
    Your Goddamn Honey
  • 6. Three Months in Canada
  • 7. Don't Forget the Super 8
  • 8. 2007
  • 8. Home

Wonderkid is Carson Wells second release on Art For Blind after their CDep released shortly after their formation way back in 2010. Carson Wells music blends a mixture of genres from post punk, math rock, emo and hardcore, taking influence from emo/hardcore pioneers Rites of Spring and Shotmaker in addition to more indie rock elements such as Q and Not U. The first LP from Carson Wells is a stride forward from their earlier EP, with nine songs of intense and discordant punk all driven along by melodic bass lines.

The vinyl version of the record was released collaboratively between the labels Black Lake, Cross Your Heart and Hope to DIY, Eat a Book and ourselves and sold out fairly quickly after a string of exciting UK shows.

Carson Wells will follow up Wonderkid with a new full length record and a split 7” with Birminghams Human Hands in 2014.

cover art Carson Wells Wonderkid LP