The #1s

self-titled 7"

Catalogue number: AFB#33
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 5th November 2012
Pressing info: 300 black vinyl
  • 1. I Wish I Was Lonely
  • 2. He's Too Good for Everyone Else
    But He's Not Good Enough For You

Shortly before we arrived in Ireland in August 2011, we heard a demo cassette by a band called The #1s titled “Italia 90” from Dublin. We loved it and pretty much on arrival began to hatch plans with the band to release a single. The result in late 2012 was the self titled 7" featuring the tracks “I Wish I was Lonely” and “He’s too Good For Everyone Else but He’s Not Good Enough for you”.

We launched the single by arranging a byob gig in the short lived autonomous space Quarter in Cork City with The #1s, Ginnels and When Good Pets Go Bad, while the band put on a similar show in Dublin at the Joinery with Squarehead.

The #1s enjoyed a couple UK tours in support of the 7" in 2013 and went on to release the single Sharon Shouldn’t with Sorry State (US) and Alien Snatch (DE). With a little luck they will go on write and record an album at some point in 2014.

cover art The #1s