self-titled tape

Catalogue number: AFB#34
Formats: Tape / Download
Released: 21st January 2013
Pressing info: 150 pink cassettes
  • 1. Gasp (Grey Earth)
  • 3. Thrall
  • 4. Bile
  • 5. Aftertaste
  • 6. Eyeless Skull (tuhkakauppunki)
  • 7. Coffin Horse
  • 8. Hawthorne Rattle

Wölfbait’s debut self titled album was our third release by an Irish band since re-locating from Leeds to Cork in 2011. We’ve been keen followers of a bunch of the bands related to Wolfbait since well before moving to Ireland (Drainland, Disguise, Fag Enablerz) and jumped all over the chance to release their deliciously depraved first effort. We opted to release the record on 150 cassettes with assorted colour sticker covers.

The album was well received, especially by the Quietus (below) as well as the bands rare but intoxicating live performances. Wölfbait will set to work on a new album in Spring 2014 for release later that year.

"Given that this is Wölfbait's first release, they aren't alumni of any well known bands unless you're embedded in the Dublin hardcore scene, and they have struck a massively noise-ridden end-of-days soundtrack they call "Kraut violence" (as in, Krautrock meets powerviolence), the lack of immediate big push is understandable. However, I'd be surprised if Wölfbait doesn't get a vinyl release one day, because it absolutely rips, and no-one who's heard it seems to disagree." Noel Gardner (the Quietus)

cover art Wolfbait tape