self titled EP

Catalogue number: AFB#35
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 28th April 2013
Pressing info: 300 black vinyl
  • 1. seven
  • 2. eight
  • 3. nine
  • 4. ten

This 7” is the first vinyl release from Nottingham based emo/hardcore quartet Plaids who formed in 2012 and feature members from previous AFB bands What Price Wonderland? and Saturday’s Kids.

Their first vinyl outing has followed two self released cassettes, one being a demo and a split with now defunct London post hardcore troop City Dweller. Plaids offer up a refreshing mix of modern emo and early 90’s Dischord hardcore, which is simultaneously riff laden and chaotic. Vocalist Joe C (What Price, Wonderland?) tops off the bands sound with manic tone and reflective lyrics.

The summer following the release of this 7” saw a successful tour to the mainland of europe which Dany of the label drove and gave both parties plenty of time to hatch plans to collaborate on releasing the bands debut album in the summer of 2014.

cover art Plaids self-titled EP