September Girls


Catalogue number: AFB#36
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 22nd April 2013
Pressing info: 500 black vinyl
  • 1. Talking
  • 2. Some For Me

We met September Girls soon after moving to Cork in 2011 and immediately set about arranging to release a single for them after a great live performance in Plugd Records. The single “Talking” ended up being the bands 3rd 7” following singles on Soft Power (Glasgow) and Matinee in the US and was released in April ahead of the bands debut album on Fortuna Pop (a re-recording of the title track Talking actually went on to appear on that record.)

Talking saw September Girls start to move in a slightly moodier direction from their previous singles, a side of them which we would see a lot more of on their album and in particular the cassingle they released last autumn on the Pins label. On the b-side Some for me is a unashamed hazy pop nugget.

September Girls are by far the poppiest band we have released on the label to date but we were definitely glad that we got to work with the band and were well chuffed with how the record turned out.

The single was recorded by Sean Goucher (The #1s) and mastered by Robbie Brady.

cover art September Girls Talking