Pine Barrens


Catalogue number: AFB#37
Formats: 12" / Download
Released: 14th May 2013
Pressing info: 500 black vinyl
  • 1. Goya II
  • 2. Nerves
  • 3. Kingmaker
  • 4. Solitude (My War)
  • 5. Firetrap
  • 6. Product
  • 7. Pine Barons
  • 8. Binary
  • 9. Solitude (My Love)

Pine Barrens first came to our attention after the self release of their demo nearly 3 years previous to the release of this, their debut album, “Kingmaker” and after catching them live in Manchester with Dubliners Drainland. We were certain that we wanted to be involved with releasing something for the band. Thankfully that came about soon after when we got the chance to help put together the bands debut album along with other UK labels Super Fi, Moshtache, Parade of Spectres and the bands own label Slow Riot.

Pine Barrens manage to meld the genres of Black metal and hardcore punk with ease and their debut offers an intense and caustic introduction to the band. Interestingly this record is actually the first release on the label with any link to our home town of Barnsley as it was recorded and mixed by Jason Sanderson (Send More Paramedics, Rolo Tomassi, The Ergon Carousel) in S70 itself. The record was mastered at AudioSiege by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Nails, Sunn O))), Tragedy) with Nottingham’s finest punk rock illustrator Steve Larder handling the artwork.

cover art Pine Barrens Kingmaker LP