Broken Arm

Life is Short

Catalogue number: AFB#38
Formats: 12" / Download
Released: 15th September 2014
Pressing info: 300 clear heavyweight vinyl
  • 1. Hard to Live
  • 2. Under the Table
  • 3. Guilty Conscience
  • 4. Double Talk
  • 5. Waiting for a Call
  • 6. Newsreader
  • 7. Distractions
  • 8. Someone Else
  • 9. Life is Short
  • 10. Escape Route

Over 6 years since their inception Broken Arm finally unveil their debut album “Life is Short” on an unsuspecting public. Their debut full length is an exercise in grooving noise rock, filth and disillusionment. Broken Arm have the perfect knack for writing a catchy post punk tune and smearing a healthy amount of dirt all over it.

One of our favourite Leeds based bands, we are thrilled to be releasing Life is Short on the label, albeit coming after we have left Leeds!

The album is split release between Gringo Records (Nottingham) and Art For Blind (Cork, nee Leeds) and will be released on Vinyl and digital download only. The album was recorded in Leeds in late 2011 by Matt J (Hookworms, Joanna Gruesome & Mazes) at Suburban Home.

cover art Broken Arm LP