Plaids / No Action

Split tape

Catalogue number: AFB#39
Formats: Tape / Download
Released: 12th August 2013
Pressing info: 150 blue cassettes
  • 1. Plaids - thirteen
  • 2. Plaids - fourteen
  • 3. No Action - It Happened While You Were Sleeping
  • 4. No Action - Solar Steps

This split cassette is Plaids second outing on Art For Blind, this time teaming up with antipodean outfit No Action.

The record offers two disparate takes on modern emo/hardcore. Plaids with their punchy angular approach all played out at their usual frenetic pace. No Action on the flip side of the cassette are a much more laid back and solemn affair opting for a more lo-fi sound and on their side of the tape the pace changes significantly and we’re given a bit more time to reflect.

cover art Plaids / No Action split tape