Human Hands / Carson Wells


Catalogue number: AFB#41
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 3rd March 2014
Pressing info: 300 black vinyl
  • 1. Human Hands - Exterior
  • 2. Carson Wells - Cloud in the Shape of a Shark
  • 2. Carson Wells - Namib

What was supposed to be the very first AFB release of 2014, hit delays (namely our fault in mixing up the tracks) but finally, three months later, we can announce the release of the Human Hands / Carson Wells split 7”.

This is a three-track EP leading off with Human Hands' slow-burner of a track and two short bursts from Scotland’s Carson Wells. These are two of the finest bands in the UK DIY scene but on this record each offer differing takes on the emo sound both are synonymous with.

This is the first time the two bands feature on a split together, however it is not the first appearance of either band on our roster; we started our connection with Carson Wells back in early 2010 releasing their demo CD EP and hooked up again with them for their ‘Wonderkid’ LP from 2012. We have known the prolific Human Hands a long time, and finally had the chance to release material by them in the form of the Bird Calls / Human Hands split 7” from 2011.

The artwork was conceived and created by hand by Chaz Hewitt of Human Hands and is limited to 300 copies, co-released along with Barely Regal Records, Black Lake Records, Eat a Book Records, Time as a Color and Vested Interest.

cover art Human Hands Carson Wells split single