Catalogue number: AFB#46
Formats: 12" / Download
Released: 19th January 2015
Pressing info: 200 purple, 300 black vinyl
  • 1. Aureliano
  • 2. Phantom Penpal
  • 3. Selfish Instinct/li>
  • 4. Esoteric Emptiness
  • 5. Aliento
  • 6. Holy Moments
  • 7. Wholes and Halves
  • 8. The Gulf
  • 9. Rubbernecker Zentrum
  • 10. Felt, Enacted
  • 11. Toxic Convener
  • 12. Night Fauna
  • 13. MemoryElixir
  • 14. Elixir

Twisted play a unique brand of garage-y pop punk that is equal parts angst, urgency and playfulness. Started in 2008, as the bedroom project of Jon Mohajer in his hometown of Porthcawl, South Wales, and expanding soon after to a 3 piece, he then upped sticks to Leeds and restarted Twisted with a new line-up, which saw two 7” EPs - Stockholm and a split with What Price, Wonderland - being released under AFB. With Jon returning to South Wales in 2013, he hit the reset button again and a third, and the current line-up of Livi (vocals), Nick (bass), Chris (drums) fleshed out Twisted once more.

Taking their influences from a broad cross-section in punk’s history, their sound moves in, out and around the love-sick guitar melodies of The Buzzcocks, the flagellating introspection of the likes of Rites of Spring and Rain, and the garage-rage of post-millennial peers Jay Reatard and Marked Men.

We’ve worked with Twisted several times before in their various line-ups and are thrilled to be able to finally get a full length record out there.

cover art Twisted Utopia LP