No Ditching


Catalogue number: AFB#48
Formats: 7" / Download
Released: 18th May 2015
Pressing info: 100 transparent blue / 200 black vinyl
  • 1. Song for Shelly
  • 2. Dickhead
  • 3. if_you_hate_cats_you_die

No Ditching are Laura, Naomi, Elle, Kate and Freya, they have a laugh. In addition to being a great excuse for a group of friends to spend more time with each other in a sweaty North East basement, No Ditching is also an opportunity for several members to exercise their musical tentacles with Laura, Naomi and Freya all picking up new instruments to form the band.

Inseparable is the quintet’s second EP, following their 2014 demo “Face Ache” and sees the band maintain the snotty raw energy of that debut whilst simultaneously bringing greater depth and polish to their sound. Playing out in 3 short bursts of full-on melodic pop-punk; acerbic vocals pour out over jangly guitar hooks driven by powerful rhythmic bass lines and pounding dual drums. Their songwriting is informed by the things that are important to them, which can also spill over to what angers them (their aforementioned demo was so-called in response to unsolicited requests to “smile” whilst on stage). Thematically, the EP concerns friendship and caring for animals. The direct and sardonic lyrics are peppered with expletives which is sharply illustrated in the descriptively-titled second track ‘Dickhead’ a frenetic blast of classic punk rueing misspent time.

The band describe their influences and passions as animals, veganism, Gilmore Girls, bell hooks and bed with musical inspiration coming from a wide variety of sources owing largely to the age difference - some 11 years - and diverse musical background of the members. Naomi plays in Durham pop-punk troupe Martha, Freya and Laura both play in local colliery bands, Elle plays in a jazz band called J.I.M.P while Kate plays in a hardcore punk band Kinky and Fashanu before that.

cover art No Ditching Inseparable