The Hipshakes


Catalogue number: AFB#51
Formats: LP / Download
Released: 29th April 2016
Pressing info: 100 transparent magenta, 200 black vinyl
  • 1. Keepin' in the Clear
  • 2. Find Yourself
  • 3. Attention Spans
  • 4. I Don't Get It So Help Me Get It
  • 5. Hands to Work
  • 6. I Think I Thought I Felt
  • 7. Page after Page
  • 8. Unforgiven Eyes
  • 9. Doubts Himself
  • 10. Tick Tock
  • 11. Brother Not Lover
  • 12. Is it Real?
  • 13. City Walls

The Hipshakes are back with another belter of a long-player, the follow up to last years double whammy of albums. Veterans of the UK diy punk scene having formed 15 years ago as teenagers in their hometown of Bakewell, the pop-punk meets garage rock quartet, have created in their fourth full-length Snake, a blistering, hook-driven ride through their idiosyncratic minds.

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Snake bursts with raw energy, charm and wit. In their last two records The Hipshakes added a brazen popiness to their early trashy punk sound. On Snake you will find them relentless and rollicking as ever but there is a maturity surfacing in their song-craft, found right across the thirteen tracks. Everyone writes and everyone sings. They shout, rasp, bark and harmonise on matters of the heart, mind and everyday boredom combined with a juddering cacaphony of guitars, bass and drums. However this is a band themselves who refuse to grow up; whip-smart lyrics, call-and-answer vocals betray a band who prefer to be exuberant and bombastic yet which never feels forced. In Snake they deliver a sound that is powerful, vibrant and fun.

The Hipshakes seem to have done it all in their punk career thus far; self-proclaimed former teen sensations - a string of 7”s appeared on such cult labels as Goner and Slovenly, they toured throughout Europe and USA and have shared the stage with the cream of the garage punk crops of the last ten years. They self-released their last two LPs on their own SMF imprint.

cover art The Hipshakes Snake