Katie Kim


Catalogue number: AFB#54
Formats: CD
Released: 14th October 2016
Pressing info: 500 CDs
  • 1. Ghosts
  • 2. Day is Coming
  • 3. Someday
  • 4. Body Break
  • 5. I Make Sparks
  • 6. Life or Living
  • 7. Beautiful Human
  • 8. Thieves
  • 9. Wide Hand

Katie Kim is the pseudonym of Katie Sullivan when she performs and records her Slowcore, ethereal, ambient indie/folk. De-tuned guitars and sparse piano playing, walls of loops and echoing vocals come to the fore, along with grisly tones, haunting and experimental flavours. All of which is executed with subtle, cinematic simplicity. Paired with a voice that reviewers and fans alike, have tried to liken to many, but end up agreeing, that Katie Kim’s style is entirely of her own making.

On her latest album, 'Salt', Katie delves a bit darker, incorporating drone like textures all of which is complemented by delicate, intoxicating vocals. The album takes you on a stellar, intense journey from start to finish. In addition to 'Salt', Katie Kim has released two studio albums to date: Twelve and Cover & Flood and as well as the single "Foreign Fleas". She has also scored an original soundtrack for the 1928 surrealist Germain Dulac silent film, "La Coquille et Le Clergyman", commissioned by The Cork French Film Festival, which she also performed with her full band, live, in front of a sold out audience. This original score will be released as part of a multimedia package.

Salt is released on CD by Art for Blind.

cover art Katie kim Salt