Yes. We like to receive demos. If you would like to send us a demo please do so by either attaching mp3s or linking to a bandcamp, soundcloud etc. We get sent demos occasionally and unfortunately we do not always get time to respond or can take a long time to do so. BUT we do try our best.
Of course! Most bands we deal with book their own shows but if you are struggling to find the right person to contact email us and will pass on the relevant details.
At the moment Art For Blind is not in a position to hire anyone and we do not believe in people working for free. However, if you feel we have something else to offer you and you are interested in helping with some element of the label or our space in Cork please get in touch.
More than likely yes. Email us with a link to your show, more info on your zine etc and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Check out this resources: bearos.freeserve.co.uk/resources%20index.htm or call in to our shop with a cup of coffee and we’ll tell you all about it!